Treatment in the Netherlands

You are insured in another EU country and you want to come to the Netherlands for treatment. But how is healthcare organised in the Netherlands? Which hospitals are available to you and which doctors can you approach? What do you need to do to obtain reimbursement of the costs? What about quality and safety of healthcare?

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Treatment in another EU country

You are insured in the Netherlands and you want to undergo treatment in another EU country. What do you need to take into account? What conditions must you fulfil in order to obtain reimbursement for such treatment? Where can you find information about care in the country of your choice?

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About the National Contact Point

Welcome to the Netherlands National Contact Point Cross-Border Healthcare!

On this website we will provide you with general information on what to do in order to be reimbursed for medical treatment in the Netherlands or in another EU country.

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European legislation

Insured clients can obtain medical treatment everywhere in the European Union (EU) (free movement of persons).

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